by Amanda Martin

Here we are, knocking on the door of springtime with plenty of rain behind us. Another year without drought is here and we can look forward to some super blooms. Along with that we are starting to see the blossoming of inventory and the many buyers out there are hopeful that this influx continues.

In the first two months of this year there were 16 new listings that hit the market vs. 12 in the first two months of last year and in February alone there were 10 sales this year vs. 3 in February 2023… I know, this is a leap year, so one more day ;), but we’re on a roll! I was talking to a colleague who had a listing in the Parkside district that got 17 offers and will be going way over expectations. That’s just one anecdotal story, but there are many like this. I’m also seeing properties that check a lot of boxes going into contract in a week or less…that’s something we haven’t seen in a while. This is despite the recent small bump back up in mortgage interest rates.

So, sentiment is mostly positive, and people still want to own homes! I’ve been hearing a lot of buzz about AI jobs being a big pull to the area recently. And let’s be honest, San Francisco is unlike anywhere in the world – beautiful, livable weather throughout the year, full of creative and vibrant people, and home to some of the best neighborhoods of any major city. Yeah, there are problems, but there are problems everywhere.

To feel the love of Glen Park, just head over to Higher Grounds for an Italian crepe from Manhal, pick up some amazing international treats from Rick and Nada at the Cheese Boutique (or have one of the most delicious sandwiches in the world if you didn’t have the crepe already – I would like to suggest the “Amanda” – turkey and havarti with avocado on a sweet French roll) and head to Glen Canyon for a peaceful walk to top it all off. That’s my idea of heaven on earth!

Now for the Glen Park numbers for February–

Here’s a look at what sold:

Here’s what’s currently in contract:

And lastly, the inventory that is currently available in Glen Park:

For more San Francisco sales data, visit:


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